i paid $3500 for a teacup maltese puppy.unfortunately the pictures provided were when she was 1/2 her age, even the supposed "recent" pics were not recent.

i was shocked to see her when i got her as i was not even sure she was the same dog. also she clearly spent her early life caged which was not disclosed. she was advertised as weepad trained but does not have a clue, to the point of a behavioral problem. she even goes to the weepads to sleep on.

i asked seller 7 days after purchase for even exchange and i would incur any extra charges. she would have nothing to do with it.

shame on her.the 1st picture is what what advertised, the second is her.

Monetary Loss: $3400.

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Addison, Texas, United States #1309934

I saw the same pic.I always check and double check on eveything that sounds to good to be true.

Expecially on maltesekingdom.com has 70% off on all micro maltese this month only...lol... now they want only $650. Sorry that what you got was not what you were promised. My maltese passed away from cancer two years ago.

The maltese you got you can tell he was NOT taken care of at all. His hair is all tangled and his eyes have not been cleared . His coat should be white he's already tan. Poor baby.

They are super sweet dogs. He will be with every $3600 you spent. Love him because I'm sure he's been neglected and mistreated .

I hope they catch these people FAST.good luck with the little guy .....

Chula Vista, California, United States #1297652

I found the same photo at http://maltesekingdom.com/available-puppies.html while looking to buy one of their micro teacup maltese puppies. Since they are presumably located in Norfolk Virginia and I have to pay for the puppy by money gram I got suspicious and decided to look for other listings of maltese puppies. The first photo of your puppy is advertised at Maltese Kingdom as a male puppy available for sale.

to Anonymous #1303288

i was researching maltese kingdom as i was considering purchasing from them.

spoke on the phone and i believe it was an internet phone. the guy had a heavy foreign accent so i got suspicious.

google searched the site and didnt come up with much.

he sent me the pay information, via moneygram or westernunion.

i searched the address 7566 buttercup court, norfolk va 23508.

i searched google and google maps for the address and came up with NOTHING of that address in the zip area. Not sure what to think.....

to louisiana #1311291

It's a scam! My brother got screwed

to Anonymous #1376294

you know I WAS LOOKING at there sight and I came to discover 2014 was there last comment but on all the photos they say SOLD from then to the current year no one has placed any comments so that drew a red flag for me and then I looked this sight up no wonder

Atoka, Tennessee, United States #1260641

If you're *** enough to pay 3500 bucks for a dog, you deserve to be ripped off when there are thousands that die in shelters every day.

to Anonymous Round Lake, Illinois, United States #1306542

I've been trying to "rescue" for over a month with nothing but empty promisses and two dogs have gone to other families with no reason why.... it's gets frustrating to try and do the right thing, when I can simply buy one from a breeder.


Anonymous: I purchased a puppy from Itsy a few years ago the dog is almost 7 pounds.Certainly NOT the micro teacup I was promised.

She is a regular sized dog. We love her dearly but Itsy puppy lied about her age and she clearly had never been out of a cage. Ever. They are not honest and are over priced and I belive they get family members to write good reviews.

Run away they won't even let you pick the dog up on the premises or let you see the parents.Run far and fast.


You put a *** crown on your dog.

GOD, that tells the world everything they need to know about you.


Dogs are NOT status symbols, you *** ***.

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico #993372

People who sell micro puppies are soulless swindlers

I don't understand why people buying a dog don't do research

Rule number one

Never buy from a breeder breeding more than two breeds

Even two is pushing it but maybe they do mix like goldendoodle or the breeder is married and the spouse likes another breed

Rule number two Micro pups are low quality runts.They are not recognized by any reputable institution.

Breeding so small is unethical, because of their size their eye can pop out their joint come out. Do you know how you get really small dogs a lot of inbreeding so enjoy the health problems. Rule number three Where are the parents or at least the breeding ***? Where were they raised?

Rule number four Breeders breed because they love their dog breed and want to improve it, not for financial gain. Which means they compete their dogs. If you don't want to do your homework go to a shelter. You can find purebreeds it's just takes some time looking or give local shelters a request saying what breed you want.

Even on Craigslist you find pure Breds from people who got old or whatever reason need to re home their dog.Never never buy micro pups they are overpriced runts!

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