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My girlfriend and I wanted a micro Pomeranian, so after looking online at various breeders I contacted Itsy Puppy in late October. I somehow felt comfortable about them being in California (as I am), and largely their reviews were good (though there were a couple problematic ones, I gave them the benefit of the doubt). Rachel was kind and communicative as we chose our puppy, and paid half the $5,500 as a deposit. We made arrangements for her to deliver the puppy to my home in Beverly Hills shortly before Thanksgiving. On November 22 (a Saturday), Rachel delivered the puppy which my girlfriend named “Pebbles.” She was adorable. I paid the balance remaining to Rachel. Interestingly, Rachel was not able to give me any veterinary records, just basically told me that she had gotten her shots and “passed.” She had also told me (by email) that Pebbles weighed 1.67 pounds just 5 days earlier, on the 17th.

We took care of Pebbles exactly as instructed, feeding her the recommended Royal Canin X-Small dog food, etc. We had made an appointment with the vet in advance for that Monday, the 24th. Unfortunately, Pebbles wasn’t pooping and her abdomen was fairly distended all weekend, so we couldn’t bring a stool specimen to the vet. Pebbles weighed in at 2.2 pounds that day, and her stomach was markedly distended.

The next day we dropped off a fecal sample, and she tested positive for two gastrointestinal infections, Giardia and Coccidia. These are infections puppies can get from ingesting *** from other dogs. We live in a clean home without any other pets, and it is clear she came to us already infected. The next day, Wednesday, we took her to the vet to get two medications for these infections. That afternoon, while feeding her, my girlfriend noticed Pebbles start to foam at the mouth and stop breathing. She yelled for my help. I’m a surgeon (not a vet). I swept Pebble’s mouth to clear it of any food, tried a version of the Heimlich maneuver, then began CPR as we rushed her to the car. I drove to the hospital as my girlfriend continued CPR but Pebbles died in her arms, and Pebbles was pronounced dead at Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital about 10 minutes later. It was heartbreaking for us to have her for only four days and for this to happen. We’re not sure if she choked, or had a seizure. But she died.

We contacted Rachel and told her what happened… and that Pebbles was not fully healthy when delivered, she had an obvious gastrointestinal problem, was “backed up,” (to the point of weighing over half a pound more within days), and had two documented GI infections that pre-existed prior to her delivery. Our contract with Rachel stated that the puppy to the best of her knowledge and effort is in good health and free of communicable diseases at the time of sale. I can only imagine that if in fact Pebbles saw a vet prior to delivery to us, they did not test for these infections. I can also imagine that many of the puppies that Rachel is selling may well be infected with these same organisms.

We asked for Rachel to replace the puppy, and she offered to replace her for $1,500 (for stud breeder fees). She acknowledged this was a lot of money in light of us having already paid $5,500 (plus lots of vet and animal hospital bills), and she said she would see what she could do to reduce it. After weeks of hearing nothing, I emailed her and she responded that she could replace Pebbles for $3,000. I told her this was not acceptable, and at this point I wanted my money back. Rachel then had the incredible nerve to imply that Pebble’s death was somehow related to my care of her… and that she was fed in a way not recommended (completely untrue).

The day after we got her (the morning of our visit to the vet), Pebbles had jumped into my pool under the watchful eye of my surprised girlfriend, who immediately scooped her out within seconds. Pebbles never submerged and was fine from that incident. Rachel had the nerve in her final email to also imply that Pebbles was “dropped into the pool.” She has NO IDEA how much Pebbles was loved and how well taken care of she was. Rachel’s final comment was the insulting “we [are] no longer comfortable with placing one of our loved ones under your care after much thought and consideration of what has happened to Pebbles.”

Maybe Rachel should give some thought and consideration into her breeding practices and the cleanliness of her kennels. Sanitation is obviously not a high priority for her. Sounds to me like Itsy Puppy is a breeding ground for protozoa and parasites, and Rachel runs a true puppy mill. I am truly suspect of what if any veterinary testing is done on their puppies. No wonder when I first called back in October and wanted to visit to see what puppies were available I was told “sorry, we don’t allow on-site visits.”

I can only recommend that anyone looking for puppies avoid Itsy Puppy like the plague. When money is involved, Rachel’s true colors came out loud and clear. She could care less about her dogs, their health, and what happens to them. She has incredibly little compassion, and once again my faith in people “doing the right thing” withers.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $6500. This person is overall dissatisfied with Itsy Puppy and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about micro pomeranian at Itsy Puppy was lack of compassion, untrustworthy and failure to honor contract Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Take her to court to recover her initial cost + vet bills. Have her investigated and shut down.


Money well wasted. Rescue a dog from the pound.

Micro breeds from inhumane breeding farms are an abomination.

Many don't survive infancy and the businesses are unregulated so elite shoppers are uninformed when they purchase accessories they can feed but know nothing about. What a waste of life and money.


Itsy Puppy is a middleman puppy operation that buys puppies from all over the US and sells them for a profit. When so many puppies are housed together often puppies infect one another.

You are better off taking your chances from Craigslist for a lower price.

Operations like this should be fined with the owners jailed.

I know that Lambriar Kennels is a middleman operation that buys puppies from families and then sells them to pet stores. Probably...this is where this itsy puppy operation gets its puppies.

These prices are outrageous.

I recently rescued a puppy and he is the most adorable 9 month old ever. Do not buy from operations like this.


“sorry, we don’t allow on-site visits.”

Should have been a major red flag.


As a breeder family of teacup puppies, we’ve done business with many different kinds of people, and we thank you for your review of us. We enjoyed the process of helping you choose a puppy of ours and we believe that you and your girlfriend’s emotions (whom we see also wrote a review of us below yours) went from being happy to unhappy because we decided against giving you a replacement dog for Pebbles after the sad and unfortunate circumstances that happened after we delivered the puppy in person.

However, as there are two sides to every coin, we’ve decided that after much thought to write a public comment as to what happened in our perspective and why we came to the decision not to replace her although we do believe you both to have given Pebbles a lot of love during the four days you had her.

We plead you to read with an open heart and also understand where we are coming from.

First of all, your review explains that you fed Pebbles as instructed from our preparation email. However, when we looked at the medical reports after the choking incident happened, your vet had written under her current diet that you and your girlfriend had been feeding Pebbles a diet consisting of chicken, rice, and olive oil as well as our recommended dry kibbles. Chicken in sizes unknown to us certainly are not recommended to be fed to a younger puppy that has not had her teeth fully developed at 13 weeks old. Additionally, the chicken diet you wanted to feed Pebbles is usually to entice a pet that has a lack of appetite and to our knowledge through your emails, Pebbles had no problem eating until the fourth day after delivery.

Just to be clear, we’re not assuming anything, but we took that note from your vet into consideration which may have contributed to her choking incident if that was her diet. Of course, this is difficult to know whether or not you had fed Pebbles the chicken or not either, as you explain in your review that you had fed her the Royal Canin that we had recommended. However, no autopsy was performed after her death at the emergency clinic and you decided instead of finding out if dry kibbles or chicken was the cause of her choking, to cremate her immediately after she was pronounced dead. Because of this, you nor we know what she had actually choked on.

Secondly, according to animal hospitals across the nation, the two GI infections you mention are actually quite common in puppies -- up to 50-75% of puppies will have had either one or both in their puppyhood -- and are easily treatable within a few days of antibiotics. You mentioned that Pebbles had not defecated until the second day of becoming your baby in the medical reports but we would like to explain that this is most likely because she had not felt adjusted or comfortable in her new home yet. Puppies need time to become familiar with their new owners and surroundings, especially after they have left us after being with us for 3 months. This can be visibly seen with her lack of defecation, but we’re glad to have seen the report that she defecated the next morning for the fecal exam.

We understand your concern for how sanitary our facility is after the giardia and coccidia had been found, but these are parasites that happen from ingesting other puppies’ ***, either on accident or purpose and are also triggered by stress levels from adjusting in a new environment.

This could also happen from socializing your puppy with other puppies during puppy classes (and everyone would want their puppy socialized at some point) because puppies tend to lick themselves as a cleaning mechanism and even get their germs on their fur. Because this is so easy to transfer between puppies, it is also easier to transfer between people who may handle or touch them. This is especially the reason why we don’t allow outside visitors -- we’re just asking for trouble if we were to allow everyone who wants to see our puppies everyday and we don’t want to operate like a pet shop to harbor unhealthy puppies. This is our goal and purpose at Itsy Puppy and we know that deep inside, you know and agree with us because we know you both acknowledged in your emails that it was good breeding practices!

A medical report that describes an unhealthy puppy from an unsanitary kennel would have typically stated a puppy’s general appearance to be dirty, especially with watery eyes and/or ears with earmites, itchy skin, abnormal lymph nodes, cardiovascular problems, or teeth full of tartar or gingivitis. However, Pebbles was a beautiful, floppy, and quality puppy as described by your vets.

Thirdly, again we are just noting something simply from the medical report, but when it mentions that Pebbles fell into the pool, we really didn’t know what to think except to deduce that there was not much supervision for a puppy to somehow make it outside and fall into the backyard pool with no pool cover or gate. Even though you mentioned in your email that you scooped her out of the pool "after a minute", a minute in the pool for a puppy is a long time and we could only conclude unless she fell into it on her back and floated, that she may have aspirated chlorinated or saltwater (whichever your pool water consists of and neither of which is good) that may have contributed to her stress levels. Rather, your emergency clinic vet and staff at Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital found it bizarre and shocking and they had relayed this information to us.

All of this information that you sent us was discussed with consultations from vets before we came to the conclusion that we were not obligated or responsible to replace Pebbles. Not to take away anything that you’ve mentioned when it comes to how much love you gave Pebbles, but we truly wanted to consider your replacement request as you both are wonderful people in your efforts to save Pebbles from the horrible accident. Please understand that each puppy we breed are like our children as well.

Please put yourselves in our shoes for a moment and give us some credit that we could not feel 100% comfortable giving another one of our babies after the given evidence. However, if our decision did not make sense with you, we would have really appreciated some more communication and patience from you to make something work out once we felt comfortable again.


Lesson be learned - DON'T DEAL WITH *** BREEDERS! They will charge you out the *** and never help you again.

They think they are "God." They demand that the buyer do what THEY say because they are know-it-all. Which is completely untrue. They are just lazy *** who don't know how to care for dogs and are just in it for the $, so they gather up a male and a female dog and have them breed and then they come up with outrageous prices to charge. Shelters are the way to go!

Already neutered or spayed pets for $50 adoption fees. All paperwork included.

Mostly healthy with maybe a slight case of URI here or there.

to Anonymous Beverly Hills, California, United States #959885

True... however if you want a specialty dog like a micro-Pomeranian you simply can't find one at a shelter, unfortunately... otherwise I would absolutely have gone that route.

to Anonymous #1093677

Don't bu a *** show-off accessory dog. GOD, I hate people like you.

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